Website and Brand Building

Increase Efficiencies and Maximize Profit, Example 3

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Business offers a variety of services to help small businesses identify problem areas and implement solutions that will increase customer traffic and maximize profit.

This post is the third in a series of case studies detailing the benefits that CCSfSB can provide to small businesses.

Just Getting Started…

We recently worked with a client who was just getting started on the journey of small business ownership. He was currently employed, but was looking to build a business that would allow him to step away from his employer and become a financially independent small business owner. At the time he approached us, the business was a pre-revenue venture.

Though the owner was developing leads through networking and other in-person events, they had yet to expand their efforts to a digital platform. He needed a brand awareness strategy. After spending some time getting to know the client and his budget and his goals for the business, we decided that the first step in building his brand awareness should be to build a professional-looking website to serve as a point of contact for his in-person lead-generating activities, and as a starting point for future advertising and lead-generation efforts.

Building a Business from Scratch

The client was the sole owner and operator of a small local service business that he currently operated on the side, but was looking to scale the business to become his primary source of income. His only method of lead generation at the time of contact was in-person networking and referrals. The client had no website for lead capture or brand awareness.

As a fledgling business, the client had a very small budget to allocate toward brand awareness and needed to target activities that would maximize ROI.

Overall Goals

Acquire sufficient clientele to enable the owner to leave his current job and work on the business full time. Generate and capture qualified leads. Build a locally-recognizable brand.

Maximum Return on Investment

As a small business owner at the beginning of the road to financial independence, we needed to ensure that every dollar spent created maximum ROI for our client. After researching the client’s industry and the current state of the business, the highest payoff for his limited budget became clear.

In today’s world, having a professional website and social presence is a must-have for a business of any size. Having an online presence plays a critical role in building brand awareness, lead capture, and developing brand credibility. Prior to making almost any purchase, potential customers will spend time researching their options. Often, the first step in the research process involves using the customer’s preferred search engine to identify potential solutions to their problems.

Without a website, any small business is at a huge disadvantage in this process. While potential customers may be able to locate a business profile on a particular search engine, having an online presence drastically improves any business’s ability to be found by potential customers in the initial research process. After a potential customer has searched for a solution, they will begin to visit websites to evaluate businesses who could potentially solve their problems. This is where having a professional-looking, well-designed website is critical for small businesses.

A business’s website is often the first point of contact that any potential customer will have with a business. A well-designed website (even a small one) lends credibility and trust to a brand. Conversely, an outdated or poorly designed website can destroy credibility and cause a potential customer to seek out other options. Finally, a website is a phenomenal way to capture leads. Calls-to-action throughout a website can be used to inspire potential customers to submit their contact information, moving them into the category of lead and allowing for personal contact to move them further down the buyer’s journey.

The client commissioned us to build a small website for him to serve as a tool for building trust and capturing potential leads for his business. Even with the small budget we had to work with, we created a beautiful site to which he could proudly refer networking leads and incorporated lead-capture elements into the site itself so that potential customers coming to the site organically or through ads (later on) could submit contact information to receive a quote for services. He built his social presence with our guidance, since he had a limited budget.

The website and social sites had consistent messaging and branding. Building a website and social presence is no longer a luxury of large corporations. It is a necessity for a business of any size. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If you have aspirations of growing your business, but don’t yet have a website, give us a call.

We’ll build something you can truly be proud of and that will bring you the traffic you need to increase your revenue and scale your business. We provide solutions for small businesses at any budget, so whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to take it to the next level, Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses can help.