Staffing and Small Business

Questions and Resources

Small Businesses are like puzzles - there are a lot of pieces that make up the business and if one or some pieces aren’t fitting correctly, the business may lack effectiveness of efficacy. Many small business owners struggle with staffing. Some have trouble finding staff, others can’t keep them, and others struggle to motivate and engage their team effectively. Here are resources and sample questions for small business owners related to company culture and retention of staff.

Employee Handbook –

  • - Includes Company description, Mission and Vision + Value Statements, hours, lunches, days off, holidays, monthly goals, expectations by role, staff comp…
  • - Meet with an attorney to review any docs – e.g. employee agreement and handbook

Culture and Retention –

Are there team or team building sessions for the employees? Do you communicate and set the example for your culture?

How do you relay it to employees? How often?

How does the employee know that they are valued? Are benefits offered to employees?

Are you asking or surveying employees to see what they want to see how to better lead or retain?

Resources –

How To Build A Positive Company Culture

10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures

The Statistical Case for Company Culture Infograph

Staff Compensation and Structure –

  • - Are you offering what the staff is motivated by – time off vs money?
  • - Are there team and individual goals?
  • - Is there incentive to beat goals and not sandbag? How are those goals measured? How often?
  • - Are you incenting staff on the priority areas that bring in the most revenue for the small business?
  • - Do that list goals and expectations?
  • - Are there education and training sessions for employees?
  • - Are the descriptions in your employee handbook?
  • - When are team meetings?
  • - When are touch points with employees?
  • - For each team member, do you have written job descriptions for each role in your company? Including all tasks by person?

Resources –

Is Company Performance Connected To Employee Compensation And Transparency?

Your Guide To Small Business Employee Compensation and Benefits | PaySimple

How To Create A Compensation Plan in 6 Steps

Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks for 2017

If your small business needs help with staffing culture or retention, Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses in Northwest Arkansas may be able to help! Call 479-935-2488 and speak to a Small Business Consultant to discuss ways that we can help!