Discover the Best Paths to Finding the Perfect Business Name

Written by Guest Writer: Grant Polachek from Squadhelp

The idea of success still remains a mystery to many startup founders. They think that their company's success is completely influenced by how awesome their products or services are, how revolutionary their software is, or how well they follow every business guru's advice to the letter. Sometimes they miss the most vital piece of the puzzle, the business name!

A company's success is mostly decided by the power of its brand. This is why Tesla continues to grow while Nikola deteriorates and why Amazon has become the largest online retailer. As an entrepreneur wanting to start a legal, architectural, or accounting agency, giving your business a captivating brand name is the first step in building a strong brand that'll attract customers. The ideal name will give your business all the necessary tools and flexibility it needs to shine in its industry.

So, if you're ready to boost your business, here's a quick guide on how to choose a great name that’d make your business stand out in the market.

Here's How to Pick the Best Name for Your Business

Even if you've invested years building a game-changing idea that will revolutionize your market, your brand won't be able to achieve genuine success until it's supported by a solid brand name.

Choosing the perfect name might be difficult, but don't worry these easy steps will show you how to discover the finest brand name for your business.

1. Recognize Your Audience and Industry

The path to an appealing name is paved with knowledge. So, in place of daydreaming about your legal firm, construction company, or eCommerce brand, sit down, research your brand, and learn everything you can about your organization, audience, and rivals. Make it a point to learn all you can about your company's beliefs, mission, vision, and goals. Finding this information can help you choose the right tone and personality for your business.

2. Pick the Best Brand Tone

The best path to developing a name that represents your company's fundamental values is to make sure it has the right tone and evokes a strong emotional reaction in your target audience. Concentrate on your target audience and discover what attracts them to your organization as well as other businesses in your niche. Knowing who your brand is targeting can help you determine if the tone of your brand should be:

● Modern and innovative

● Fun and playful

● Emotionally impactful

3. Discover Your Secondary Branding Elements

Unless you give your eCommerce, real estate—or any other brand you want to create—life and meaning, it will remain only a generic idea in your mind. And the best approach to bringing your brand to life is to identify its secondary elements. These elements convey your company's identity and personality, and they include your brand's:

● Big ideas

● Brand’s value

● Value proposition

Knowing these vital elements will assist you in setting up a brand identity that accurately mirrors your brand to its target audience.

4. Start Brainstorming

Understanding your core market, determining the right brand tone, and defining your brand's elements can help you establish your brand’s naming requirements. The naming requirements for your brand will provide you with a detailed image of the best name for your business.

So, get creative and begin searching for words that meet your company's naming requirements in dictionaries and thesauruses. Focus on crafting a list of short, compelling, modern, memorable, or symbolic words that'll help your company stand out. But, if the naming process proves too challenging and time-consuming, you can always use a reliable business name generator. Using business name generators is the fastest approach to come up with a memorable brand name.

Test Your Business Name

Now, after you've gathered a list of prospective brand names that are in tune with your naming requirements, don't just select a name randomly because it sounds nice. Instead, test the list of names on a subset of your intended audience.
After you've tested these names, choose the best one and check with the USPTO to see whether it's already trademarked by another company. Verifying your company's name with the USPTO will safeguard it from future copyright claims.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world's leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.