Creative Writing in the World of Marketing

How Creativity Can Bring Your Marketing to Life

Writing for your small business can sometimes feel so stressful. Trying to figure out how to make intriguing, attention-catching, informative, and comprehensive posts can feel daunting. 68% of people spend time reading about businesses that they are interested in, which means your marketing and writing for your business is extremely important.

They need to be able to catch their attention in a good way. When writer's block hits while you’re trying to market your business, and you’re not sure how to make your business’s marketing tactics stick and grow your numbers, sometimes all it takes is a little dive into creative writing techniques to bring you and your writing and marketing back to life.

What is the job of creative writing in marketing?

Creative writing helps bring your words to life. It can help break apart the analytics, make your content flow smoothly, raise customer engagement, and bring depth into your marketing. These aspects of creative writing can make marketing for your business easier and more fun, and your audience will appreciate it, too.

Some marketing strategies that can greatly benefit from creative writing are ad scriptwriting, video content, blogs, and press releases.

Let's take a look at some creative writing techniques your business can use to its advantage when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies.

Write a strong hook.

With the average adult internet user’s attention span averaging at 8.25 seconds, a strong hook is vital in retaining your audience’s attention and getting them to absorb the information you share about your business and recognize your business in day-to-day life.

In marketing, the most popular way to use hooks is in the form of a slogan. Sometimes, these are temporary and just for specific aspects, launches, or phases a business has, and others are the soul and brand of businesses. When you hear the phrase, the business comes to mind. Marketing hooks are a great way to build and maintain brand recognition, increase customer awareness, and help customers know your goals with just a simple phrase.

The best marketing hooks appeal to human psychology and focus on positive emotions, such as enjoyments, confidence, happiness, and excitement.

Responsive Storytelling

Responsive storytelling is a technique that can help guide your audience through your writing in marketing. According to Forbes, it’s “capturing your audience’s attention and then guiding them through an interactive and customizable flow of information that conveys your narrative in a way that’s uniquely useful to the individual.”

This technique can guide your audience down a path through your writing that genuinely intrigues them and makes them want to continue reading.

Essentially, you’re sharing information and marketing your business, but you’re doing it in a way that not only tells your story but tells it in a way the audience wants to hear it.

The best way to tackle this technique is to ask these three questions:

• What is the goal of your marketing campaign?

• What is your target audience?

• Why should your target audience care?

Gathering the necessary information and researching what your target audience wants to know about you is essential to gaining their business. From there, you focus on the facts your audience wants and needs to absolutely know.

From those facts, build a responsive framework that lets your audience choose how they learn the information you have given them. You can do this through simple things like infographics, PowerPoints, charts, and videos. From there, your audience can guide themselves through your small business and what it has to offer them.

Show don’t tell.

This one may sound a little convoluted, but it has the ability to take your marketing skills up a notch and draw your audience in more. Showing instead of telling is the technique where instead of listing the details of what your business can provide, you give the audience a chance to see it firsthand and help them step into what your business offers.

Now, this type of “Show, don’t tell” is different from what is used in typical creative writing. For marketing, aim for more short, concise, and valuable details. People looking into supporting your business want to know what you offer quickly

How can we translate this into your marketing?

• Demos - Providing demos of products or services your business provides can help customers interact with your business and guide them through what it has to offer them.

• Testimonials - Testimonials from past customers can be a fantastic way to develop credibility for your business and make prospecting customers make the final leap into doing business with you. Listening to you as a business telling them about the services or products you offer won’t do nearly as much as letting them see and hear the results from previous customers.

• Webinars- These are a great way to interact with your audience and allow them to ask questions, explain your goals, and generally help you interact and show off your business. Keeping a record of them can also help build your credibility, as it shows your progress and growth.

• Infographics- Including infographics in articles and social media posts can take a collection of data and condense it into a singular image that your audience can more easily understand and analyze.

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Creative writing techniques have such diversity they can be applied in many ways to your marketing strategies for your small business to help give it the boost it needs to reach its full potential. For help learning how to implement these strategies, and many others, into your marketing to help make it more effective, contact Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses for help!