Comprehensive Consulting Solutions Joins the NFIB

National Federation of Independent Businesses Membership


April 26, 2023

Mollie Watkins, owner of Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses, in Fayetteville AR is accepted as a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

Fayetteville, AR – Mollie Watkins, the founder of Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses (CCSSB), an award-winning small business consulting firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has been accepted as a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

NFIB is “the voice of small business, advocating on behalf of small and independent business owners.” This national organization, a non-partisan, member-driven advocacy group was established in 1943 and has been supporting small and independent businesses since its inception.

To give small and independent businesses a voice in governmental decision making through advocacy has always been its’ goal and remains so today. They have their finger on the pulse of issues that affect small and independent businesses and are proactive in addressing the most pressing issues affecting their membership.

Mollie Watkins stated, “Being active in advocacy groups is important. Without groups such as NFIB, the voice of small businesses cannot be heard. NFIB listens to their membership and ensures that their interests are represented so that laws and regulations are created with the needs of small business in mind. Joining NFIB not only plays a role for my business, but for all businesses nationwide.”

There are so many issues facing small businesses: tax reform, regulatory constraints, supply chain issues, financing, health care costs, the list goes on. NFIB is a respected and credible organization. With NFIB representing small businesses, the owners know that their priorities and concerns will be voiced, and that they can impact regulatory outcomes. When NFIB speaks, they are heard, as they are a credible and trusted organization.

For more on the National Federation of Independent Business Association (NFIB), please visit their website at

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses, located in Northwest Arkansas, offers business management consulting services for small business owners and entrepreneurs that need business consulting, marketing, and coaching solutions to increase operational efficiencies and maximize profit.

CCSSB is skilled at guiding small businesses through upcoming changes and transitions. Assisting small business address and resolve problem areas or and identify and take advantage of opportunities is critical role we play. CCSSB also addresses areas such as operations, marketing, strategic planning, recruiting, processes and more to help businesses grow and prosper.

We serve small businesses and entrepreneurs in Arkansas and in the surrounding states. When our clients succeed, we succeed.